Dec 26

Threeway Twink House Bangers

Joey Hard and his crew of fucking merry men are back, breaking into the house and fucking up the place. Not here to rob or pillage, their main concern is strictly to find a place to fuck and film it. So when the boys stumble upon this master suite with gigantic bed, they get straight to work on their next film. Joey Hard strips out of his clothes while Tyler and Tiger suck him off for starters. Stripping out of their clothes, their insatiable lust becomes evident, as Tiger alternates between Joey’s cock and Tyler’s ass, sucking and tonguing each alternately, much to their delight. Tyler bends Joey Hard over and begins to pump his luscious ass, while Tiger films them and Joey sucks his dick. Switching it up a bit, Joey Tiger gets in the middle, and both Hard and Tyler enter him at the same time, their dicks rubbing up against each other inside Tiger’s gaping hole. Tiger screams out in pleasure as Joey Hard pulls out and the two them cum inside Tiger’s mouth. A double penetration for the second coming: seems appropriate.


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Dec 13

Four New Amateur Boys To Jerk Off To

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Dec 03

Adorable Smooth Twink Recruit

Here is a combination you don’t often do see that often. Sean is a new military recruit with a adorable tender smooth young body. Dare I say this boy is a twink? Sean sure meets the criteria for that label. He is barely legal at the age of just 19 and has a boyish face that may make you believe he was even younger.

Sean confesses he owes his lean tone body to his years of gymnastics in high school. He make not be the type of young guy I would normally expect to see on a military men site such as Active Duty but he is a welcome addition who I look forward to seeing in action. Once naked out of his jean Sean’s luscious nearly hairless body is fully exposed for us all to drool over.

My favorite part of this new recruit has to be his beautiful flawless round ass that he seems eager to show off. I can’t go without mentioning Sean’s nice sided dick either, which he jerks with real gusto in his debut solo. All in all this hot boy is one I’m sure you would want beside you at night. He’s sweet and innocent looking but this military boy is no little boy any more!


Nov 30

Straight Lad Teases Us With His Big Uncut Dick

Before Blake Slater would even start his dick jerking solo he made sure the producer knew he was straight and didn’t want to do anything too gay. He needed a little encouragement to get out of his clothes but once he did we sure all got an eye full of this gorgeous young guy. After rubbing up a nice large tent in his undies Blake was finally ready to get fully naked for us.

This horny lad with his blue eyes and wavy hairy not only had a flawless body, he also sported a massive uncut cock. While jerking his huge tool this twink hiked his legs up letting us have just a peak at his virgin asshole. It didn’t take long for him to reach his explosive orgasm which covered his smooth lean stomach in warm cum.

Blake swirled this cum with his finger on his belly which had the producer thinking this straight kid may take a taste of his own jizz. Unfortunately Blake didn’t go there but the tease was sure very hot to watch!

Nov 19

Jake Cruise Makes A Young Stud Cum

In today’s video preview daddy Jake gets his hands on a sexy boy named Chance Logan for some fun. Jake Cruise waste little time in helping this cute young man naked out of his clothes. His young friends dick is at full attention from the moment it’s unleashed from his briefs. This mature gay dad knows his way dick and soon has Chance moaning from the pleasure of his skilled tongue on his shaft.

Jake then uses that tongue to get at this boys hot asshole in giving his sweet smooth ass a good rimming. All that ass eating just makes Jake hungry for more and Chance turns back over to fuck his daddies face. Finally Chance is brought to a orgasm with the help from Jake’s pumping hand and he blasts out a load all over himself.

Nov 17

Dexter Gets A Gay Blowjob For Cash

One straight boy I didn’t expect to see again was Dexter who did a solo dick jerking video last year. While he delivered a hot show his first time around never expected this kid to do a gay sex scene. Well the need for money to fix up his car finally trumped those gay sex fears and now he back willing to get that fat dick serviced buy another guy.

With his sexual inhibitions lowered Dexter is paired up with a sexy blond boy with a new craving for cock. After getting naked it didn’t take long for Adam to wrap his lips around this straight dudes big cock. For a newbie Adam learns his way around a dick quick and before long has Dexter moaning from the pleasure of those plump wet lips sliding up and down his hard pud.

Dexter soon gets into getting his first gay blowjob and pushes Adam’s head down deep. Turns out Adam is a natural and didn’t even have a gag reflex. All of a sudden Dexter stands to his feet and feeds his long shaft to Adam who is kneeling in front of him.

With this blond boy now tonguing his full balls Dexter begins jacking himself to a climax. It didn’t take long for him to reach the point of no return and he gushes out a nice creamy load onto Adam. Adam loved the reward he got for all that hard dick sucking and my bets are he will be ready to have that firm smooth twink ass stuffed the next time around!

Nov 14

Gay Teen Jock Toons In Action

Sometime an imagination can be hotter then the real thing and in the world of gay cartoons anything is possible! The new exciting TwinkyToons site brings those sex dreams to life a sexy explicit scenes. Featuring the cutest boys with dicks as big as your imagination these boys get it on!

The three amazing gay toon sex scene I have for you today feature gay teenaged jocks caught with each other. From boys swapping BJ on the wrestling mat to full on locker room ass fucking these scenes get quite messy with cum flying everywhere!


Nov 06

Tommy Dubois Wanks His Big Twink Cock

This twink also has a fantastic kinky side which we get to see every time he is on camera. This bottom boy makes no secrets of his craving for cock and once he was out of his underwear he could hardly wait to show it off. That silky smooth round ass looks just perfect for a hard fucking and you can count on Tommy Dubois being the submissive bottom we all love. Also don’t miss my post from last year showing Tommy having his ass stuffed by Vince Demerit .


Nov 04

Cock Hungry Bottom Frat Boy Can’t Get Enough

You have to love a boy that is so hungry for cock he gets stuffed from both ends. Jake is just that bitch boy and at this frat house he is the guy they all go to when they have the urge to drain their balls. It doesn’t matter how much cock Jake gets it’s never quite enough for him.

Watching this sexy twink eagerly bounce on cock never gets old. In this video Jake shows up just how talented he is taking a bareback rough ride on a big dick, all while deep throating another dude that is stuffing his mouth.


Oct 28

Tyler Sweet Seduces His Best Buddy

Joey isn’t too old for toys and has his best buddy Tyler over to play with a new remote control helicopter he just got. Tyler had another idea and began to seduce his sexy lean buddy into having sex. He comes up with the idea to launch the toy from his friends crotch but when he sits it down he can’t help but notice his buds growing bulge in his shorts.

Soon the raging young hormones of these boys takes over and their in full make out mode. Joey then lets Tyler strip him naked and he quickly has his month around his buds stiff boner. Joey then returns the favor and pulls his beautiful bff’s pants to his ankles and slurps up his massive dick.

It isn’t long before both boys have a taste for each others tender assholes and they then swap rimjobs. I have to add watching these hot gay boys munch ass was quite hot! Once both their assholes where thoroughly eaten out they then take turns plowing their big young dicks into each others smooth round butt holes.

Who needs toys when you have a sexy handsome friend that is willing to bring you this much fun. After nearly a full hour of fucking these twinks where ready to gush and sure enough then blasted out two amazing loads of boy jizz making one hack of a sticky mess in that bedroom!


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